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What is HIAB Transport?


HIAB is actually a brand name.  It’s a word that has become common place in the haulage industry when referring to a lorry-mounted crane or lorry loader.


These types of vehicles are made up of a truck and crane combined in one vehicle and help to load and unload trucks by using the vehicle engine to power the hydraulics of the crane. 


The great advantage of these vehicles is that they can deliver goods to site as well as lift them on and off the truck which can often reduce the need for a separate mobile crane. 


They can also be used to move goods within a space.  For example, rather than delivering goods, they can move containers, generators, or other items from one space to another within a building site which is a common request that we often receive from customers.


For further information on HIAB including information on front and rear-mounted HIAB and lifting capabilities, contact us today!