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Contract Lifting – Our specialty

90% of all lifting inquiries normally result in our client requiring a ‘Contract Lift’

What is a Contract Lift?

Basically, all you need to do is make a phone call to our office, let us know what you need to do/lift. We may advise that we meet you on site for an inspection to work out what is required (crane size, permits from councils, parking suspensions etc). All that is needed to complete the lifting operation is arranged by us (Method Statements, Risk Assessments, permits/indemnities with local councils, Insurance etc all included).


Contract Lifts usually require some or all of the following:

(assessed by our Crane Appointed Person)

(Signaller/ Slinger, Lift Supervisor)

(slings, chains, shackles etc. to attached the item to the crane)

(Road Closures where necessary)

Full Insurance include £20million Public Liability

Any additional facilities which may be required are all included


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